Thursday, 31 January 2013


Teeny - 31/365
For the last few weeks remote controls and telephones and anything else that you probably shouldn't be playing with are the things you like to play with the most and if I take them away from you well let's just say the whole street knows about it!


D - 31/365
Your sister was playing with your brother and giving him snuggles and so obviously, not wanting to miss a trick, you had to get in on the act.  How lucky he is to have the two of you to love him like you do.  I adore these special moments between you.


A - 31/365
He is the image of you my beautiful girl.  Thank you for loving him like you do.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Teeny - 30/365
You, like your brother, have eyelashes that most girls would be envious of; they are so long and beautiful and delicate and perfect for butterfly kisses.


D - 30/365


A - 30/365

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Teeny - 29/365
Sunshine, I really wish those top two teeth would come through.  They have been bulging in your gums for a while now and you are being so brave and not grumbling very much, but those cheeks are telling a very different story.


D - 29/365
Grandad Bobby has his own special chair, but on a visit to see him you are always quick to jump in it when you think he's not watching.  Be careful or he will "thump your lump"*.
*He won't really that is just his catchphrase.


A - 29/365
While we were waiting for D to finish in the bath we were having a little play with my camera and your torch and we came up with this.  I love it when we get to be silly together.

Monday, 28 January 2013


Teeny - 28/365
Today your sister decided to read one of your new books to you (by read I mean make up the story) and you were completely engrossed.  I do love how even at nine months old you are able to interact so well with her.  I am really looking forward to watching your relationships with your brother and sister flourish.


D - 28/365
I love how you want to be so much like your daddy.  You're always up for helping him "do fixing".


A - 28/365
You have soooo many toys, but rolling these two little wheels along the floor kept you occupied for the longest time today.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Teeny - 27/365
Oh how I love this smile.  You are, at the moment, the easiest of our children to photograph and whenever you see the camera you are more than happy to turn on the charm for me.  Long may it continue.


D - 27/365
At Auntie Karen's today William was sorting some things ready for starting his new job tomorrow so I asked you to stay downstairs for a little while to give him some space.  You wandered off and I thought that you were trying to sneek upstairs, but when I peeked through the window I saw you like this.  You were sat at the bottom of the stairs with the Godzilla toy waiting patiently for Will and just glancing up every so often to check for him.


A - 27/365
For Christmas we gave Daddy the gift of time in the form of a date per month with either you, D, Teeny, me, Nanny, Grandad or a special family outing.  This was partly because life gets so hectic sometimes that we thought it would be nice to give him some downtime and also because I am on maternity leave and so had to think of something thoughtful that wasn't going to cost the earth.  Each date was scribbled on a slip of paper and put inside a blown up balloon so he had to pop 12 balloons to get his presents.
January's date was with you and took place this afternoon.  Before you left I gave you some money to pay for things which you safely put into your handbag along with the compact camera, a banana and a carton of apply juice.  You took the train into town with Daddy to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where you dropped into the Make and Take Crafts in the Activity Zone and made a lovely snowman and then wondered around the exhibits where I am told that your favourites were this phone and the 1930s kitchen complete with apron and oven glove.  Eventually you got back on the train and came home to me!
I am a little bit envious, but mostly just so happy that you both really enjoyed this afternoon out.*  I love you both so much.

*For the tiny cost of £3!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Teeny - 26/365
Now that you are more stable and not face planting at every opportunity we Daddy has started to sit you in the bath and, whilst you always love a good bath, this has given you a whole new lease of life when it comes to bath time.  I wonder how long it will be before you are throwing water overboard and soaking your daddy.


D - 26/365
When Zianne arrived in the world you were a little upset by the fact that she was a girl and were very quiet in the car on the way home from collecting me from the hospital.  I gently explained to you that Zianne doesn't have a big brother like your brother does so you will need to be the one that looks out for her and do all the things for her that big brothers do.  To my surprise you completely absorbed all that I said and after your first meeting today I am absolutely convinced that you will rise to the challenge.


A - 26/365
You were so thrilled to be finally meeting Zianne today and although you were a little over excited at times you were so sweet and gentle and waited so patiently for a cuddle. 
Baby Zianne's arrival was a big adventure for us all as I had the complete honour and privileged to be her mommy's birth partner so in exchange for a hot chocolate you, your brothers and your daddy were rudely awakened by me at 4.15 on the morning of her arrival so that I could go and be with your Auntie Jade (who was amazing by the way).   Zianne was very cooperative though and after a little adventure she arrived just two and a quarter hours later so I was back home with you for 9.00am  You had been so pleased when I rang to tell you all that Auntie Jade had had a baby girl and then the wait began for the big meet......

Friday, 25 January 2013


Teeny - 25/365
You never get bored of looking at your reflection in this mirrored book, but then again why would you?  I don't think I could ever get bored of that beautiful face either.


D - 25/365
My dear sweet boy, I struggled to get a good photo opportunity today and when I did have one I didn't have my camera so I decided to snatch a moment whilst you were asleep.  Your sleep is much lighter and a little less settled than your sister's, but today you appeared calm and serene.  Even when I climbed up onto the bunk you remained snuggled up asleep and I was almost tempted to join you.


A - 25/365
Today was a little hectic and once you were in bed I realised that I hadn't managed to take any photographs of you or D so I tip toed upstairs up to where you lay all curled up with Eeyore and stole one.  I loved to watch you sleep as a baby and I still do now; so peaceful and content.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Teeny - 24/365
This lovely little boy adores you; he is gentle and kind and thoughtful and oh so protective when it comes to you.  Asher is going to be a (wonderful) big brother himself quite soon and so you are very good practice for him, but I just hope when his baby arrives that those arms will still stretch out to you too.  If he is anything like his mommy I am pretty sure they will.


D - 24/365
Whether it be a jigsaw, a drawing or a task on your Innotab you are always so proud when you finish something and this lovely little magnet was no exception. I am so proud of you too.


A - 24/365
You were really looking forward to making these magnets (which, for anybody interested, were a bargain at £2.50 for six tiles, six self adhesive magnets, six paints and a paintbrush) today.  The mommy in me really wanted to takeover help you, but you are fiercely independent and are getting more so by the day so I was forced to resist my desire to do it for you.  The result was a lovely rainbow magnet.  Well done baby!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Teeny - 22/365
I cannot even describe how much I love those cheeks.  Nom nom nom!


D - 23/365
I'm not sure whether it was me or your sister you were trying to sneak up on here, but on seeing that you had snow in your hands I wasn't hanging around to find out!


A - 23/365
After helping the mommies and babies at Booby Club today you and your brother decided to make the most of the unspoilt snow that surrounded the car park which, with your baby brother safely tucked up in the car, gave me the ideal opportunity to take today's photos.  I'm not sure why you decided to hug the tree though; I wonder whether you were hiding from your brother or maybe looking up at the snow on the branches.  Can you remember?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Teeny - 22/365
...checking out the bunting on your wall.  Do you like?


D - 22/365
Tonight Daddy came home from work with a sledge that was promised to you at the weekend and that you had patiently waited for and then , being the lovely daddy that he is, he took you both straight out into the garden to make the most of the snow.  I am not sure who had the most fun; I suspect possibly Daddy.


A - 22/365

Apparantly this is the look currently rocking the catwalk! 

Monday, 21 January 2013


Teeny - 21/365
Today's picture is courtesy of your sister and I love it.*
*SOTC - as I didn't take this photograph I have resisted the urge to edit it.


D - 21/365
You are such a creative little boy; only days ago I found you had used an old child lock that would keep you out of the wardrobe when you were little to hang your dressing gown off your bed.  This is today's impressive creation; Nanny's makeshift draught excluder between two chairs as a bridge for the fire engine.  I wonder what will be next.


A - 21/365
I often think how lovely it must be for you to be a twin and to always have your brother to share everything with; not just the big things like birthdays and first days at school, but also the little things like summer days and snow days.  Today being the perfect example.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Teeny - 20/365


D - 20/365
You two are the best of friends even now; he smiles at you when you walk in the room and cries when you leave.  He is in awe of you and you he.  My wish is that whatever path life takes you on it always brings you back to each other


A - 20/365
You have been waiting for snow for what seems like forever and now your wish has come true.  I'm pretty sure you would stand in this place for hours if I let you.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Teeny - 19/365
What is it about a man wearing his baby?  Nom nom nom.


D - 19/365


A - 19/365

All I wanted today was one lovely photograph of the four of you in the snow, however you had other ideas.  So here is the best of a bad bunch; a picture of your daddy and brother trying to coerce you into JUST. ONE. PHOTOGRAPH. PLEEAASE!

Friday, 18 January 2013


Teeny - 18/365
Oh how I just want to squish that beautiful face.


D - 18/365
We all have things that we find comforting and for you it was always your Cuski, although not so much these last few months.  So for Will that thing is ears and from this picture it would seem that yours are the best!  I wonder if you will be so inclined to let him do this to you in 10 years time...I think not.


A - 18/365
Ok so really he is your cousin and the big brother you will never have, but when you adore somebody as much as you adore him the label in unimportant.  I hope that you always feel safe in these arms; that he always make you want to scrunch his gorgeous face and that those arms are always as open to sweep you up and take care of you as they are here.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Teeny - 17/365
Even on your grumpiest days you are always so at ease in the water; I wonder if it is because you were born in it.


D - 17/365


A - 17/365
Four years old.  Drying your own hair with your own hairdryer. My my how grown up you are!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Teeny - 16/365
I sat you in this ring, popped into the kitchen for some water and when I came back this is how I found you.


D - 16/365
Your sister has a habit of making you boys laugh, but yours is the dirtiest of them all!


A - 16/365
I never want to crush your fighting spirit, but maybe I need to help you to better understand when to use it because today it resulted in tear stains to your face and to my heart.  I ended up letting you cry it out on the short drive home and this is how I found you when we got there; asleep from crying so hard and when you awoke and I asked you why you were cross you replied with "I don't know, but I am cross at myself now" and then the tears flowed all over again.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Teeny - 15/365
We've never had dummies in this house; we have one who loves his Cuski, one who likes to play with hair and here is our thumbsucker


D - 15/365
My sweet boy, even though this picture doesn't capture your face it still portrays some of your most wonderful qualities.  You are a sensitive soul; kind, compassionate, gentle and thoughtful.  Despite Sebastian being half your age you are as happy to take him under your wing as he is to be in your company.