Saturday, 28 April 2012


My sister in law not only has a knack for making and raising beautiful children, but also for taking beautiful photographs and, being the lovely person that she is, she spent the day with us a few weeks ago taking some photographs of A, D and Teeny.  Oh and of course of me!

I had already seen a few of them, but today she gave me a disc of her favourites and I am absolutely blown away by the end result so I just HAD to share a few.

Looking at these photographs now and seeing how lovely they are (I don't often say that about photographs of myself) I can't believe  that I almost didn't have them taken.  Yes, believe it or not in typical pregnant and PCOS woman style I was feeling so hormonal and horrible the night before I actually almost cancelled and was then gently persuaded otherwise.

So Karen thank you so much for being so patient with me and for making such wonderful memories for us all to cherish not only of my pregnancy, but also of A & D's love for me because they have been such hard work lately that sometimes I forget!

Friday, 20 April 2012


Today, we (the children and I) went to invited ourselves to my in laws to have lunch and whilst there my lovely nephew dropped my father in law back after playing golf with him. 

Despite Will being 22 A&D have always loved him and D absolutely worships the ground he walks on which I am more than happy about; he is a wonderful example of how I would like my son to grow up.  I think that part of D's hero worship stems from the fact that he seems to be constantly surrounded by girls or women; the majority of A&D's little friends seem to be girls and my husband and I have seven sisters between us so whenever there are men or boys present he gravitates towards them.  

A&D haven't seen as much of Will recently as they normally would have because he has moved into his own place and has been working very hard, but boy did they make up for today and to their (and my) sheer delight he was more than happy to oblige.  He is genuinely good with them and happy to spend time with them.  It is never forced or put on and he has the patience of a saint when it comes to my children.  I think I was sat there with a permanent smile on my face the whole time.  (Apart from when I was cursing myself for not having a camera with me, however I did subsequently manage to find these pictures of hero worship that my sister in law took in September 2010). 

In those moments, as I watched them play today, I felt so blessed that despite the 19 year age gap they will always love him and he them and I have no doubt that he will always look out for them.

Will, thank you for being the wonderful man that you are and for always finding time for us and to my beautiful sister in law thank you for raising children with such beautiful morals and values. 

Love you all.

Sunday, 8 April 2012


We were going to the 60th birthday party of the father of a friend of mine here.  A&D rarely get to go to "grown up parties" because they are used to being in bed and asleep by 7.30 and so just get too tired, but I had really wanted to celebrate Andrew's birthday with him and we didn't have a babysitter so I relented given that we would be taking the car and I wouldn't be drinking anyway.

I am really proud to report that A&D behaved beautifully and had a ball.  You couldn't get A off the dance floor and she was very pleased to be the only one there so you can imagine her disgust when we came back from the bathroom to find it full and she was having to lurk at the edge.  To say that she was put out was an understatement!