Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Cuddling up to your poorly brother
D's Daddy Love
Somewhere over the rainbow...
I'm hoping this rainbow is a sign that my little rays of sunshine are coming home and that the storm clouds of germs are passing.

*Apologies to my beautiful girl, for not seeming to have a photograph of her this week.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


There really is no running theme for this week's photographs.  I'm making the most of  being off work for half term as it means that we can slow down a little and I can enjoy some quality time with the children, particularly A&D who seem to be at school far too much for my liking.
This first photo is exactly what I saw when I walked into the living room on Thursday.  How did he learn to do this?  My heart was literally in my mouth while Teeny was just super impressed with himself. 
At the window!
We had A's dance class and two birthday parties this Saturday.  I'm not quite sure how or when it happened, but our weekends now seem to mostly revolve around our kids' social schedule.

At Freya's 2nd birthday party
In uniform
At Grace's 2nd birthday party

On Monday, as it was at half term, I finally got to take you to the new Library of Birmingham.  You went with Daddy one day when I was working not long after it opened, but I hadn't been lucky enough to go with you before now.  Today we decided to take Teeny to nursery for a few hours and then the three of us went into town on the train.  Our new library is such a lovely place to explore from top to bottom; to snuggle up on the story steps in the children's library downstairs right up  to being able see the view across the city from the top and then, of course, there all of the lovely vantage points and nooks and crannies in between to be examined.  It should also be mentioned that with all of the light being let through those floor to ceiling windows and all of the different shapes, angles and colours it is perfect for taking lots of lovely photographs especially when you remember to take the correct lens (which I did not.)

Holding Hands
Its a long way down.
Books, glorious books.
Pretty In Pink
Taking a break.
At the Top!
'Red' any good books lately.
Looking Up!
Twin Telepathy
(They chose the same books from different areas of the children's library,)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I miss your babyhoods so much.  I miss the endless breastfeeding and you wanting to just snuggle up on my lap for hours and not being able to move from the sofa.  I miss watching the sun come up after a sleepless night and long daytime naps; your wrinkly rolls of chub and toothless gums.  It makes me sad to think that sometimes those memories will not be so fresh in my mind, but we are making new memories all of the time. Memories of the relationships between the three of you growing; the way you cuddle up on the sofa together and the way Teeny calls A and D from the bottom of the stairs and can't quite pronounce the 's' at the end of his sister's name.  I love the way our beautiful girl mothers her little brother (even if the fear of her breaking his arms because of the way she tries to lift and guide him makes me feel a little sick at times).  The way the three of you play together with our big boy's castle and his desperation to teach his little brother all of the things he knows. Our littlest always sucking in his cheeks accompanying his needs to kiss everybody special to him before he leaves the room and his repetition of the word "cud-tle" to those very people he adores so much. 
These tiny moments in amongst the chaos are what makes my heart sing every day. 
Thank you my little loves.
The best big sister
Riding home from school
Colouring Together

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Logan's Birthday Party
Grandad's bodywarmer
I want to be just like my brother
Sunday Afternoon Snuggles
Quick kiss