Sunday, 31 March 2013


Teeny - 90/365
You don't eat chocolate yet so for your first Easter you had a cuddly lamb, a rubber duck and a book for in the bath.  Most of all though you had lots of fun "helping" (read disrupting) your brother and sister with their egg hunt in the garden.


D - 90/365
Here you are, very impressed to find your Easter chocolate which had been left in your bed by the Easter Bunny as your prize for finishing the egg hunt in the garden.


A - 90/36
I wonder how many people read this post about you having a DVD as your Easter treat and secretly (or not so secretly) thought I was really tight.  Well we're not particularly religious and I can't stand how commercial and competitive all of these holidays have become so I am just not one of those parents who will ever go out and buy you ridiculous numbers of chocolate eggs.  Sorry baby, best that you know this now.
I had already bought you a Thorntons chocolate animal each though when I asked you to choose between a DVD and Easter chocolates on Friday, but I thought it was a good lesson for you to learn about not getting everything you want and also I wanted to use the 99p Easter Egg Hunt kit that I bought from The Works months ago as a way for you to each get your chocolate animal.  Seriously it was the best 99p I ever spent; it had masks, crayons, cardboard eggs, direction signs and cardboard baskets and thankfully you really enjoyed the activity as much as getting the actual prize at the end.


Saturday, 30 March 2013


Teeny - 89/365
When you were squidgy I used to love it when you (and your brother and sister before you) were booby drunk, as it is affectionately labelled in our house.  It's that thing when you have had a three course meal type breastfeed and fallen in asleep at the breast and are completely flush faced and floppy.  Now that you are older and not having as many feeds we don't often get booby drunk anymore, but we do get post booby haze.  It's those few moments after a breastfeed when you stay snuggled in and are quiet and still and calm.  Oh how thankful I am for these moments and how I will miss them when they are gone.  It looks a little like this.


D - 89/365
This photograph followed this conversation.

Me - Baby, can I take a photograph of you while we're waiting for Daddy because I don't have one for today?
D - No! (as he turns his head away from me to make it difficult for me to take a half decent one.)
Me - Thanks.


A - 89/365

Today we went shopping for your dress for your brother's naming day.  I can never get over what a girly girl you are and how much you love shopping and all things pretty.  Thankfully we both liked the same dress, but if we hadn't I can't imagine I would have won that battle.

Friday, 29 March 2013


Teeny - 88/365
This is how I often find you with food; a mouthful and a piece in each hand as if you're frightened that I'm going to take it from you.  I daren't try even if I wanted to.


D - 88/365
You chose the DVD of Disney's Peter Pan today.  It reminds me of your daddy and also of how I imagine you will be too.  "The boy who never grew up."


A - 88/365
This morning I rang the leisure centre and asked what time the swimming pool closed today.  The lady on the other end told me 5.00pm so we waited for Daddy to come home and then went to the pool; we arrived at 3.30pm only to be told that the pool was closing at 4.00pm resulting in me having two very upset children on my hands.  We agreed that we would go swimming tomorrow instead and went to Asda to get pizza for tea as planned.  We were looking at the cheap and cheerful DVDs to cheer you up while we were in there when we spotted that the Disney ones were on special.  I explained that you could either have a cheep and cheerful DVD today and some Easter treats on Sunday or just the Disney DVD of your choice.  You happily chose the Mary Poppins DVD and said that it was ok not to have Easter treats.  I was very proud of how understanding and grown up you and your brother were about this and how extremely grateful you were for your treat.  I just cannot believe how fast you are both growing up and what lovely people you are blossoming into.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Teeny - 87/365
All I wanted was one nice photograph of you and Zee Zee snuggled up together, but you thought it would be much more fun to poke her in the face instead.  I am pretty sure that you were actually just trying to be affectionate, although that's not what it looks like here.


D - 87/365
Whenever we go to (Nanny Dot &) Grandad Bobby's for lunch Grandad puts the television on after lunch; he likes to watch the reruns of Heartbeat and Where The Heart Is and for some random reason unbeknown to me you like to join him.  Well I tell a lie I do understand Where The Heart Is because you enjoy seeing all of the animals, but I am still bemused by Heartbeat and the fact that you love it so much that you can regularly be heard singing the theme tune at home.


A - 87/365
Your girlishness (as you like to label it) comes out even at bedtime.  If there is a nightdress clean it will always be chosen over a set of pyjamas!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Teeny - 86/365
Watching the washing machine is one of your new favourite things to do.  If it keeps you happy who am I to argue?  After all I remember your brother doing the very same thing.


D - 86/365
It still surprises me how the smallest things, like me having bought you new socks, give you so much pleasure.  It could have a little to do with the fact they are green though.  After all, you love everything GREEN.


A - 86/365
Despite having a (very dark blue) denim skirt on you were insistent that you should wear your (mid blue) denim jacket too and here you are rocking the look on a trip to the supermarket.  I love how you know your own mind and are developing your own unique sense of style.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Teeny - 85/365
You are now big enough to sit in the seat in the trolley so we thought we would try it out today whilst we did a bit of shopping.  Judging by the gorgeous smile on this face I'm sure you weren't disappointed!


D - 85/365
This is your version of Batman; a random bit of fabric you found in your dressing up basket and a mask which I got in a nightclub many moons ago.  I love how impressed you are by your own creativity.


A - 85/365
You went up to your bedroom as just a normal little girl and (apparently) returned with super powers thanks to this unusual ensemble of clothes.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Teeny - 83/365
It amazes me how happy a plate of food makes you and that in turn reminds me how lucky I am to be able to provide you all with such nourishment without a second thought.


D - 83/365
What is it about men and tools?  Even at  just four years old you're always keen to get your tools out and "do fixing" like Daddy.  We've always had a pretty even split on what would be deemed girls v boys toys in our house and I don't really think we have ever really pushed  either of you in one way or the other, but since I can remember you have always been drawn to cars and trains and tools and today's picture documents this perfectly.


A - 83/365
When we're at home Daddy likes to have the music channels on for background noise sometimes and today when I came downstairs and walked into the living room you were singing along on your microphone to 'Do It Like A Dude' by Jessie J.  Really not a song I would choose to have you singing along to and I did swiftly turn it over, but not before I snapped you mid "do it like a man dem sugar".

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Teeny - 82/365
What is it about my children that makes me want to wake them when they are sleeping?


D - 82/365
Bedtime is the only time you are still for more than a few minutes.


A - 82/365
On occasion you will wake during the night with numbness or pins and needles in your arm or leg and as time goes on I am sure I know why.  More often that not, if I come into your room whilst you are asleep, you will have an arm and/or leg hanging out of the bed and on countless occasions I have popped said limb back in only to come in an hour or two later and find it poking out again.  And you wonder why you wake up with aches and pains in weird places well here' the proof.

Friday, 22 March 2013


Teeny - 81/365
You were very good while we went out to eat today, but there is only so long anyone can tolerate being confined to a high chair so once you'd finished eating you went to sit on Daddy's lap, although from looking at these pictures it looks like you're trying to escape from him too.


D - 81/365 
From the smile on your face when this drink came anybody would think you were going to be drinking liquid gold not just a glass of water with ice and lemon in; oh and let's not forget a straw to drink it through!  Simple pleasures eh!


A - 81/365
That's what happens when you put too much ice cream in your mouth in one go.  Brrr it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Teeny - 80/365
Check you out young man.  I caught you red handed trying to pull yourself up to standing in your cot.  Methinks it's about time for Daddy to drop the cot base down a level.  Cheeky cheeky!


D - 80/365
Seriously son, how did I only just notice that you have your jumper on inside out?


A - 80/365
I promised myself that I would quote you when I came to blogging this picture.  I clearly recall being amused as I sneakily watched you instructing D to do something, but now I can't, for the life of me, remember how the conversation between you went.  I do recall though, that it was one of those rare instances where he decided enough was enough and did not do as he was told, much to your dismay.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Teeny - 79/365
I have less than two weeks before I am back at work and so unable to snuggle with you at bedtime.  Even though you are sleeping here and should be in bed I can't bear to let you go so I cuddle up with you for a doze and make the most of having your sleeping body nestled in my arms.


D - 79/365
You occasionally wake up during the night complaining that something hurts.  I'm not surprised if this is how you sleep; width ways across a full size single bed.  What is it about my children not taking advantage of their bed space when I, on the other hand, take over the bed?!


A - 79/365
How come you have a whole bed, but when I came in tonight you were squashed right up against the wall?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Teeny - 78/365
We had a lovely Baby Sensory session today (as always) which included a gorgeous little woodland animal puppet show at the end.  You really enjoyed the puppet show, but you were also so pleased to be able to go and play with the woodland animals afterwards.  How blessed we are to be able to spend this time together doing something that we both enjoy so much.


D - 78/365
Even if I do say so myself!! :-)


A - 78/365
The title of this post says it all really.  I do love you in red though.

Monday, 18 March 2013


Teeny - 77/365
Winter seems to be lasting forever and so there are very few opportunities for your feet to be out because it is just soooo cold, but it seems that today I forgot to cover them up after changing your nappy and so when I spotted these little beauties hanging from the highchair during dinner all I wanted to do was eat them.  Nom, nom, nom. 


D - 77/365
Oh to have the imagination of a child.  You found of a press stud in the garden today; something that I would have just tossed into the bin without a second thought, but not you because to you it was treasure.


A - 77/365

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I LOVE......

Teeny - 76/365


D - 76/365
I'm sure this hat looks better on me than it does on Will.  Do you think he will notice if I keep it?


A - 76/365
A goes to a little Ballroom and Latin dance class on Saturday mornings; there's no pressure and it is only half an hour, but she really enjoys it and they can do rosettes if they want to.  I wasn't sure how formal it would be or how she would cope with it so this time around she just did one which was the Samba.  She had a class yesterday and then the exam was today.  She was so excited and looked so cute all dressed up.  Obviously I was very proud of her, not just for dancing well though, but for being brave enough to do it in the first place and for sitting so sweetly afterwards and watching all of the other children do their exams.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Teeny - 75/365
For such a long time you did very little physically; you weren't interested in rolling or sitting or anything else that required you to make much effort.  Now though things are very different; you are constantly rolling around the living room, you are trying desperately to crawl and although not walking or cruising yet you are on your feet at any opportunity you get.  I wonder how long it will be before you're walking and I am chasing after you; not too soon I hope.


D - 75/365
......if he hides under the blanket on his bed.  Oh how wrong he is!!


A - 75/365
Our little lady tends to be a real girly girl and yes this hat is pink and sparkly, but it's a cap.  She has never worn a cap in her life and of all the pretty girly things she could have picked up in the shop she went for this.  I am loving that she has put it on at a slight angle with the peak to the side, very street!!