Friday, 3 April 2015


I've not blogged in a long time; work and school are mainly to blame, but I refuse to dwell on how little I've blogged over the last year.

Today is Good Friday so no school and no work for any of us and an ideal opportunity for A&D, who went to Blakesley Hall on a school trip, to play tour guide to Daddy on his first visit there.  It was also the perfect opportunity for me to dust my camera off and take some photos for a quick blog post.

As a bit of background Blakesley Hall is one of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's heritage sites.  It is a Tudor House with lovely grounds and a gem of a place.  Lucky for us it is only a ten minute drive away from home.  There are often activities for kids going on in the school holidays for next to no money and it's a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. 

Our visit today was very impromptu, but A&D had renewed enthusiasm for it since they had been on a school trip a month or so ago and they had so much fun retelling all of the things they had learned from their guide on that trip that I wish we had planned it better and gone earlier.

Here are a few snap shots of our lovely afternoon adventure.

On the Gilbertstone
Learning about Tom, Frank & May
WW1 Dress Up
WW1 Dress Up
Writing a letter, quill in hand
The Entrance
Watching the film about Tom, Frank & May


So I really should have updated my Blogger profile a long time ago given that our youngest son is nearly 3 and he is not even mentioned in it.  So it is done now, but I wanted to keep a note somewhere of how I saw myself when I first started this blog.

"This Woman's Work is, amongst other things, as a full time mommy to twins, part time twilight legal secretary and volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter. My greatest achievement is my family and for now I feel like I am doing ok at this wife and mommy lark, although my feelings on that do waiver from time to time. I dream of being a domestic goddess and of being able to take amazing photos, but both are a slow work in progress...let's see where I end up."