Thursday, 28 February 2013


Teeny - 59/365
I am back at work in a little over four weeks and so this evening we did a dry run.  I went out for a glass of vino with some of my girlfriends after they had finished work and left home at the time I will need to leave when I am back at work.  My return to work means that four evenings per week Teeny won't be able to have booby at bedtime and tonight was the first night that he has ever gone to bed without booby and probably only the third or fourth time he has had milk from a cup.  I am told that he took a little longer than usual to settle, but all in all it was a fairly successful first time.  I am not sure whether I am pleased about the fact that he settled without as much fuss as I thought there would be or sad about the fact that he didn't need me.  I am definitely not feeling at all ready to go back to work and leave my little brood.


D - 59/365
......I'm going to have a motorbike like Daddy, but a green motorbike (and give Mommy a nervous breakdown in the process).


A - 59/365
Today we made sweet and sour chicken together while your brothers were sleeping.  You were so keen to help; getting ingredients from the fridge for me, chopping up pineapple and doing anything else you possibly could to help.  I think you would have made the whole dish for me if you had been able.  Your enthusiasm and that one on one time with you today was so lovely; I really look forward to doing more of this with you my precious girl.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Teeny - 58/365


D - 58/365
This picture was taken post afternoon nap; the nasty winter virus that is still lurking around has been encouraging you to have a lot of those lately.


A - 58/365
I love that when you watch a little television you always feel the need to snuggle right up to your brother and he to you.  Too cute.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Teeny - 57/365
Soft skin.
Squidgy bottom.
Chunky thighs.
Rolls around the knees.
What more could a girl ask for?
Nom, nom, nom! :-)


D - 57/365
I know it will probably go as quickly as it came, but there are moments when I see how drained you are and I wonder if this virus is ever going to leave you?  You are such a brave soldier.


A - 57/365
Look at you so beautiful and peaceful and PINK!  Seriously I have no idea where your love of all things pink came from because it is certainly not me.  In your case it is definitely nature and not nurture.

Monday, 25 February 2013


Teeny - 56/365
Here you are rocking your sister's ear muffs.  Is it really wrong that I would actually love to put you in a pair?


D - 56/365
It isn't unknown for you to nap during the afternoon so seeing you asleep on the sofa after lunch was no great surprise especially given that it was your first morning back at nursery after half term and, although better than you were, you are STILL poorly!  What I loved about this sight was that you were snuggled up to your sister who, unusually for her, was also asleep.  It's almost as if she knew you really needed her to be close by today.


A - 56/365
These ear muffs are new.  However in spite of the fact that you are asleep on the sofa you are clinging on to them for dear life.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Teeny - 55/365
You are an extremely chilled out and tolerant little boy, but occasionally, just occasionally, you want to be left to your own devices and not to have to fit in with what everybody else is doing.  At the moment that this picture was taken what you would rather be doing is rolling around on your mat in the living room, but instead you are in the kitchen with us restrained in your highchair with some toys so that you don't come to any harm while we plant seeds with your brother and sister.  My dear sweet baby boy I am sorry that sometimes I cannot see to you straight away and that you often end up just having to adapt to what we are all doing, but as I watch you grow and your relationships with your siblings blossom I am more sure than ever that as one of three your life is so much more enriched and fulfilled than it could ever be without them.


D - 55/365
This afternoon, along with your sister, you planted Aubretia seeds in a propagator in the hope of planting them out into the garden later in the year.  They are currently sat on my window ledge and I am hoping that they germinate soon so that you can see the fruits of your labour.


A - 55/365
You forgot to take out your plaits last night so when you woke up this morning your hair was all wavy.  After asking you if you would like to wear it down today (I already knew what the answer to that question would be) I popped in some mousse and scrunched it a little for you.  To say that you were impressed is an understatement!

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Teeny - 54/365
We bought these laundry baskets today to use as storage in your nautical themed bedroom; you on the other hand found a much more exciting use for them by choosing to use them for your first attempt at pulling yourself up to standing.


D - 54/365
My poor boy.  This virus seems to be dragging on and on now and I do hope that you feel better soon; I hate to see you so out of sorts.

NEW BED......

A - 54/365
......ok so not quite true.  It is actually new bedding, but nonetheless you were desperate to get to bed tonight to try it out.

Friday, 22 February 2013


Teeny - 53/365
In spite of having a box full of them, your own toys will just not suffice now!


D - 53/365
Today you were really suffering thanks to a nasty winter virus and nothing would tempt you to eat your dinner.  Despite it being nowhere near bedtime only pj's and a fluffy blanket would do.


A - 53/365
On and off for almost two weeks now we seem to have been overrun in this house with winter illnesses so today, instead of the lovely few hours out to the museum that we'd had planned, we ended up having a lazy day because D woke this morning with a raging temperature and was VERY grumpy.  He did perk up for just long enough to build this tower with you though before his temperature crept back up and he returned to the land of nod leaving you without your right hand man.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Teeny - 52/365
This is typical of you; never wanting to be sat down and always wanting to try to be on your feet.  How you can hold your weight like that for the length of time that you do is beyond me.


D - 52/365
There are very few places where you would feel as safe as you do here in the crook of your Daddy's arm.


A - 52/365
Look at this big snuggle; just what the doctor ordered after a hard day.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Teeny - 51/365
I know this photo is blurred and a bit rubbish, but I adore this cheeky grin too much not to include this photo in this project.


D - 51/365
On glimpsing at the girls through the gap in the door I wonder where you have got to and then, as I turn tip toe off, I spot you at the other end of the room.  Clearly not impressed by the high level of girlishness going on you decide to use Skyla's bed as a pull up bar in order to build up those guns!


A - 51/365
As I spy on you through the gap in the door I see you with Skyla knee deep in pink.  You two are clearly plotting something here; I wonder what that might be.

Monday, 18 February 2013


Teeny - 49/365
At Cara's request you all went in fancy dress for Grace's birthday lunch.  Your brother went as a pirate, your sister as Snow White and Cara as Merida, but i'm afraid all I had for you was your Christmas Elf outfit.  Sorry son I know in years to come you will not be impressed that I chose this for your first Christmas or for today.


D - 49/365
You are always happy to wear your pirate costume and Grace's first birthday was no exception.


A - 49/365
...thank you for sharing your makeup and toys with me.  I had such fun with you today.

Lots of love

Snow White

Sunday, 17 February 2013



Teeny - 48/365
Judging by your face the grass and mud weren't as tasty as you thought they might be.


D - 48/365
Along with your sister and Daddy you enjoyed planting some carrot seeds today.  Here you are sprinkling on the compost to give them a nice warm cosy bed.  I'm hoping for some more of this lovely springlike weather  so that we can get back out in the garden.  I am sure you are too!


A - 48/365
I am by no means any kind of gardener, but we decided to buy a few packets of seeds earlier in the week to see if we can brighten up the garden and so thanks to the lovely weather today you took the opportunity to sew some carrot seeds with Daddy. 
You have a great little gardening set that we got last Autumn for a couple of pound in the sale so we got to try those out too.  What a lovely Sunday afternoon activity. 
I am looking forward to seeing how they grow.  Fingers crossed!

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Teeny - 47/365
I tend to buy whatever fruit is in season so today, at Freya's first birthday party, was the first time that you have tried strawberries.  Despite the look on your face here you seemed to really enjoy it, so much so that when you finished your own you swiped one from somebody else's plate.


D - 47/365
I used to take you with me to get your haircut, but now you tell me that you are a big boy and you need to go the barbers with Daddy.  I think it may be more to do with the fact that they give you a lollipop when they have finished.*
*I really don't like you having them, but seeing as you rarely do and I don't like to make big issues about food I figure I should just go with it.


A - 47/365
Here's a late addition to Little Miss A's Winter Collection.

Spring Collection coming soon!

Friday, 15 February 2013


Teeny - 46/365
Baby boy there is rarely a moment when you don't have a set of arms wrapped around you.


D - 46/365
How lovely that giving your baby brother a good squeeze can make you smile this much.


A - 46/365
I love it when the three of youplay to gether without any prompting from me.  Clearly Teeny does too; just look at how he is looking at you.  It's moments like this that I want to imprint onto my heart forever so that none of us ever forget.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Teeny - 45/365
Your white babygrows are reserved for bed and despite being cheap, bobbled and out of shape they are my most favourite thing to put you in and I will be so sad when they are too small. 
 Am I allowed to buy more white babygrows for an almost one year old?


D - 45/365
Apparently it is more fun to come down the slide backwards...and also more dangerous my boy!


A - 45/365
When you were a baby everybody used to say that you were like your daddy and now you are taking up his hobbies.  I really dislike him having a motorbike - it took him 10 years to persuade me that he should have one - so the thought of you having one makes me shudder!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Teeny - 44/365
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these High Flyer tights from Slugs n Snails; we also have the Spooked variety and I am lusting after a few of their new lines too.  Who says boys can't wear tights?


D - 44/365
You are spying me, but he is spying you.


A - 44/365
You rarely sleep during the day anymore, but winter coughs and colds are taking their toll in our house at the moment so you take the opportunity to recharge your batteries.