Saturday, 11 May 2013


I am more than aware that I have fallen really behind with my 365 project.  Actually no I have fallen behind in posting my 365 project because as far as I am aware I have all of the photos I need; what I actually need now is the time to blog them.  Ha more time, isn't that what all of us mommies need?

My absence has been down to a number of things.  The first being that my maternity leave and the holiday I tagged onto it is all over and I gave myself a bit of a baptism of fire by going back to work the first week of the Easter holidays; Teeny and I were then poorly and in between all of that I have been arranging Teeny's first birthday come naming day celebrations.  Well all of those things, other than me being back at work, are now over (can you believe my baby is one already?) so I am hoping to be able to slowly and steadily catch up on my blog. 
My days can be more than a little bit manic now that I am back at work so I am finding that a lot more of my photos are being taken on my phone or by my lovely husband on his phone when I ring  him on my way into work full of woe that I don't have a photograph of one or all of the children. 
The last photos from my 365 project that I posted were from 23 March and they were posted on 21 April so I have quite  a few photos from between then and now that I need to post so please check back in between to have a look at what I am posting.
I'm also planning to write a couple of posts to commemorate Teeny's birthday and naming day, but I am going to wait for the photographs from the photographer for that so please make sure you catch up with those too if you get time.
Thank you for reading.