Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I am so thankful for having some lovely family time this week. 
It makes my heart sing to hear you play together in the garden during the evenings I have to work and, because of the continued pleasant weather, you have been able to do more of it this week.

We were then very blessed over the weekend to be able share with friends the dedication of their son to their Church and God.  We are not religious, but our friends have a strong faith and it was lovely to see the happiness it brought to them and the love and support that they have from the other members of their Church.
We made the most of the bank holiday and our season tickets to Drayton Manor with a cheeky trip their and then to top of our week I was invited to join our twins on their school trip to the Lickey Hills which we all really enjoyed.  Whilst there we shopped, enjoyed the park, had lunch and went on a lovely walk with the ranger, Penny who had done some pond dipping and showed us newts, we made nests using pegs as a bird would use their beaks, walked through an orchard and spotted fairy doors (to name just a few things).
How lucky we are to have had such fun in seven very short days.

I wanna be like you hoo hoo
Shirt & Tie
Sailing Away
Sweet Sleep
Scooter lessons from Daddy
Ferris Wheel
School Trip - Lickey Hills - Making Nests (D)
School Trip - Lickey Hills - Making Nests (A)

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