Tuesday, 29 April 2014


How did my baby, the youngest of our three children, get to be two?  How is it possible that these two years feel like they have passed in the blink of an eye, yet we have made so many memories and learned so many lessons that it is hard to remember life without you. 
You are such a sweet natured boy; don't get me wrong over the last few weeks you have developed the ability to throw a half hearted tantrum where you lay yourself gently on the floor and scream loudly, but you are such an affectionate and sociable child with a cheeky glint in your eye and a smile that could melt a thousand hearts.  You love nothing more than to snuggle up with somebody you love for a good cuddle and when I say snuggle up I mean get yourself as close as you can to us and then nuzzle as far as you possibly can to us and I love that so much.
You are much more inquisitive than your brother and sister were at this age, possibly because they always had each other to play with and so didn't feel the need to be climbing onto and getting into all of the places that you love to.  You on the other hand seem to believe that you are invincible and think nothing of climbing onto the living room window ledge, the television bench or the tray of your highchair.  You never want to  hold my hand while we walk and are always keen to run off.
This year you have started nursery, learned to walk (at 15 months), talk (in small sentences by 20 months), sailed to the Isle of Wight, flown to Istanbul and forged beautiful relationships with some very special people along the way and that is just to mention a few.  I am so sad to see my one year old disappear further and further in the distance, but excited to see all of the things my two year old is going to bring to us over the next year.
Just as a bit of fun us to look back on when you are older I think if you were able to list some of things you love right now it would go something like this:- 
  • A-lan-issssssss (Alanis) and Daaan-taaayyy (Danté) - the amount of love you have for your brother and sister is just completely unmeasurable.
  • Food - I seriously don't know where you put everything you eat.  You really love fruit like gape, stor-bee, o-winge and nana (grape, strawberry orange and banana).
  • Domas a' Perr-see (Thomas and Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine)
  • 'appy (The song Happy by Pharrell)
  • Peppa (Peppa Pig)
  • Tis-soo (Dear Zoo)
  • Whip whip (German Whip by Meridian Dan - So funny that my two year old boy loves Grime)
  • Cud-dleeeeeee (cuddle)
  • 'winkle 'winkle (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
  • Row Row (Row row row your boat)
  • Go ou'side (Going outside to play)
  • Booby (A sleepy time breastfeed)
Happy 2nd birthday my sweet boy.
Love always.

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